Caregiver? Support is Available!

Caregivers are faced with a host of new responsibilities - many of which are unfamiliar, intimidating, and can ultimately create caregiver burnout. Those living in Utah can find a wide variety of services, assistance, support, and information at Adult & Aging Services. Support groups, respite care, and consultations can provide the help you need. Outside of Utah? Search your local Division of Aging for support near you.

Also, check out the resources at my website. My 3 Key Concepts to Soothe - Nourish - Rest offer ideal tips, tools, and resources to help you take better care of yourself. Remember too that I am an alternative healthcare provider offering services as a Reiki Master and Professional Licensed Massage Therapist. Therapeutic touch is healing and offers a wealth of benefits for you and those you care for.

Learn more about caregiver support services in Utah here.

Be Well! ~Tiffany