Fueling Good Health

Food is the key to building, supporting, and maintaining good health. I have followed a whole food, plant based, and oil free diet for 4 years and am astounded at how well I feel. Considering my arthritis, artificial hips, Hashimoto’s disease, and the ever so rare shingle outbreak I feel pretty damn good these days. I rarely get ‘sick’…colds and the flu are a thing of the past, I sleep incredibly well, take very little medication, and am often mistaken for someone much younger. If you are like the majority of American adults you are managing one or more chronic conditions. The food you eat is a factor completely under your control and makes a significant difference in how you feel. Whether you are ready to ‘go vegan’ or simply add more plant based dishes to your diet, consider the recipes from some of my favorite foodies. Plant Based Gabriel, Brand New Vegan, Minimalist Baker, and Dr. John McDougall and his wife Mary literally offer thousands of great recipes on their collective websites. My foodie pics below show off some of my favorite meals. I don’t bother to count calories, am satisfied, the food is delicious, and I feel great.

Dine Well! ~Tiffany