Willpower...Need Help Boosting Yours?

Willpower is an elusive animal; a behavior that is sometimes tough to muster and maintain. I am often asked how I manage my health so consistently...willpower could be a quick answer. I am motivated to manage my health in order to minimize chronic pain, sleep well, have enough energy and stamina to perform well at work, and prevent and/or delay any future health difficulties. These reasons support my willpower as I care for myself. What a lovely partnership.

I do not feel defeated because of my chronic conditions. My body and it's unique health quirks are much like a puzzle for me to solve. I want to better understand the why's and how's of my illnesses and work with them rather than against them. I literally share how I went from 'Butternut to Bionic' in my book. I partnered with my medical team and health professionals to recover and regain a good quality of life. Besides my doctor, The McDougall Foundation is one of my most trusted resources. Hundreds of free webinars, scientific articles, and videos can be found at Dr. McDougall's website. Tune into the most current FREE webinar, The Story of Willpower, What it is & How It Works at the link below. Cultivate your motivation!

Be Well! ~Tiffany