Feel Achy and Sore? Reach for Ice...

Living with both chronic conditions and artificial joints means that I experience aches and pains day after day. I choose to manage my pain without prescription medication both at home and on the road. I recently spent a few days in the mineral pools of Glenwood Springs where I soaked away my aches and pains in the soothing, therapeutic water. Today, I return home from a trip to Seattle where I focused on morning exercise, stretching, and elevating to manage creaky hips and swollen ankles.

While managing day to day aches at home, my preference is to reach for ice. I also pack instant cold compresses when I travel. The excerpt below from Butternut to Bionic: A Resource Guide for Hip Replacement Surgery, shares my suggestions to use ice as a way to manage pain and inflammation. On page 73, I share affordable ice pack options that you may have at home already such as frozen peas, juice cans, gel packs, and rice packs.

Chapter 4: Pain Management-Before, During, and After Surgery, excerpt pg. 72

"The thought of cooler temperatures may not spring to mind when you are in pain. Ice is your friend and is much more effective than dry or wet heat for inflammation and pain relief. I certainly wouldn't dissuade you from soaking in a hot tub or mineral bath for comfort and relaxation when you are able, though to decrease swelling and quiet pain, ice is by far the preferred method. Ice packs should never rest directly on the skin. To avoid skin damage such as frostbite, always place a boundary, such as a towel or blanket, between your skin and an ice pack. Ice packs come in a variety of sizes and forms to treat large and small areas. Ice brings quick relief--the rule of thumb is to use ice packs for a maximum of five to 15 minutes."

Be Well! ~ Tiffany