Living Well with Thyroid Conditions...

Our thyroid is a complex, butterfly shaped gland located in the front of our throats. The thyroid is considered the master gland that, when not working properly, can cause a number of health problems. My doctor first diagnosed me with Hashimoto's disease when I was in my late 30's. Hashimoto's refers to hypothyroidism; meaning that my thyroid is under active and my immune system is attacking the gland. This is a long-term chronic condition. There is no cure, inflammation is a concern, and I plan on taking medication as treatment for the rest of my life. I partner with my doctor and take extra steps to improve how I feel.

Seeing my doctor regularly, candidly discussing any and all symptoms, monitoring my blood work, and modifying the dosage of my medication based on my doctor's recommendations are CRUCIAL to managing this condition. The symptoms listed below are often seen in those of us living with Hashimoto's disease. Besides my daily medication, I've added extra steps that I take to live well with Hashimto's. My disease isn't in charge of me, I AM in charge...I simply face Hashimoto's as another unique aspect of myself. I hope you find the information useful.

Be Well! ~ Tiffany

  • Fatigue - Making time for adequate rest is a priority. I do my best to manage my time. Naps, regular therapeutic massage, Epsom salt baths, moderate amounts of sunshine/Vitamin D, and acupuncture treatments help me recover from sleepless nights.

  • Bloating - Avoiding oil and eating foods like potatoes prevents me from experiencing bloating. I have found that if I am inflamed or is due to something I have eaten. Check my Nourish page to view my meal plan and recipes.

  • Forgetfulness - I prefer pencil and paper over gadgets. I make lists as reminders and have a day planner to stay organized.

  • Weight gain - I love to cook, I love to eat...AND staying lean is important to me. The Starch Solution is my solution. Regular activity such as walking, stretching, and isometric routines provide energy, muscle tone, pain management, stamina, and keep my spirits up.

  • Change in skin appearance - Our skin is the largest organ of elimination. I support my skin with a whole food meal plan, stay well hydrated, avoid caffeine/nicotine/alcohol/refined foods, exfoliate daily with bath gloves/sugar scrubs/Clarisonic Mia (for face), spend time in saunas/steam rooms when I can, and moisturize with quality products.

Take charge! Implement self care to the best of your ability to improve how you feel.

"The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle." - Janet S. Dickens