Self Care on the Road...

Traveling can be tricky, to say the least, if you or those around you are managing a chronic condition. I'll be visiting Seattle for the first time in a few weeks. I'm planning ahead to feel my best AND plan to apply my 3 key concepts to take good care of my health while I am away from home. Check out these self care ideas that I shared last June after taking a trip with my folks. My parents and I are part of the AARP crowd. We may have a number of health issues to manage and walk a bit slower than others, though we still had a great time! Read on and safe travels! ~ Tiffany

Thirsty Thursday blog post, June 22, 2017:

My parents and I spent Father's day weekend at The Happiest Place on Earth. If you've read my Meditations with Mickey page, you know that Disneyland is more than a destination for me. Disneyland is a treasured part of my lifestyle. Fantastic memories were made while we watched the Main Street Electrical Light Parade, enjoyed our favorite rides, and met fellow fans from all around the world. To feel our best on vacation we followed some simple health practices. We stayed well hydrated, started the day with a nutritious breakfast, opted for small meals throughout the day, and avoided heavy salty foods. Simply put, we listened to our bodies. We rested as needed, hung out in the shade or indoor attractions to avoid overheating, and protected our skin with sunscreen and hats.

The finishing touch to our busy fun-filled Disney day? Legs were elevated and peppermint lotion was massaged into our feet right before bed. Aches were soothed, bunions found relief, and ankle swelling was reduced. I took it one step further and soaked my feet in cold water prior to the peppermint lotion. Vacation time is an opportunity for added self care. Your body will thank you for the effort, and you'll have a much more enjoyable vacation!

Be Well! ~ Tiffany