Soothe with Therapeutic Bodywork...

Soothe tops the list of my 3 Key Concepts to Live Well & Be Well. Therapeutic Bodywork enables me to avoid prescription pain medication and manage pain, minimize stress, improve my mood, and enhance the quality of my sleep.  Incorporating therapeutic bodywork into your wellness routine can provide you with phenomenal health benefits. Research demonstrates that touch therapies lower blood pressure, enhance immune function, decrease inflammation, lessen pain, and alleviate depression.

Touch is fundamental and necessary to soothe away hurt, for comfort, and for healing.  Even if you spend most of your time alone as I do -- touch should be an important part of your routine.  You can incorporate healing touch easily and on a budget. From self-massage to a friendly hug, to caring for pets to regular therapeutic massage or bodywork, prioritize and integrate touch into your life. You will feel better.

Watch for an expansion of my services coming September 2017! I invite you to browse my newly added Reiki page where I share my lineage and the history of this healing modality. I am a Reiki Master and can help you improve your quality of life. Have questions? Contact

Be Well! ~ Tiffany