Weekend Retreat, Pain Free!

Hello Tribe Members! This past weekend I visited Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and enjoyed a soak in my favorite mineral pool - The Spa of the Rockies. You can read about the healing properties of this specific mineral pool in my book, Butternut to Bionic. Mineral soaks diminish post-surgical pain and are very rejuvenating. I spent over 5 hours at the pool...floating in the immense 1,071,000 gallon 90 degree pool, then rotated to spend 10-15 minute soaks in the 104 degree therapy pool. It was glorious! Many people at the pool shared their healing stories with me, including a local man visiting the pool with his great-granddaughter. He happened to spend part of his childhood in my home town of Salt Lake City while he was a patient at Shriner's hospital. This man was a polio survivor and attributed his good health and longevity to regular mineral pool soaks. Consider visiting a mineral pool to better manage your health. Need more inspiration? Check out additional healing stories here.

My personal results after a 5 hour mineral pool visit? Joint aches and stiffness - gone. Flexibility - improved dramatically. Ankle swelling - gone. Sleep that evening - sound and woke feeling refreshed. Skin - felt and looked amazing! I am still feeling the positive results 4 days later, even after a long drive home that included 45-minutes lying on the sidewalk at a rest stop to watch the eclipse.

One aspect of these pools I have yet to experience is, "Taking the waters" - literally! Guests can drink a mineral cocktail from the mouth of the hot springs and ingest the 15 minerals found in the water for added health benefits. I opted to wait until a future trip in case I wasn't quite prepared for internal results on my drive home the next day! Want to retreat with me on a future trip? I host Goddess Retreats, ladies only trips where we Soothe and Spa like a Goddess, Nourish and Dine like a Queen, and Rest...Sleep like a Princess!

Be Well! ~ Tiffany