How I Got Here .....

I grew up and learned to thrive in a desert landscape. High altitude, dry climate and parched landscape echoed my thirst for knowledge and a deep desire to bloom. 

I've quenched that thirst and am honored to share 20 years of professional expertise and knowledge in the field of health. My work has moved online and with gratitude I am sharing it with you.

Those closest to me have watched me grow, helped me evolve, and witnessed my recovery from serious illness. Anderson Therapeutics is my virtual space to help others manage chronic conditions. Services offered include Health Coaching, Live Events, and my book Butternut to Bionic - a self-help book for those facing hip replacements. 

Read my wellness blog on Thirsty Thursdays and check out my resource page for plenty of free health tips, recipes and recommended readings.  The butterfly wings in my logo signify flight and change. And my dears, I'm ready to soar! 

Are you? Let's soar together.