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Barbara D.
Oregon...via Radical Sabbatical

“Having been a massage client of Tiffany's for many years, I was able to experience her positive energy and glow that radiated well beyond the massage. I not only felt better physically, but mentally as well. Tiffany always had great advice and tips on food, exercise, and general well being that was an incredible bonus to the massage. I previously always enjoyed a silent massage, but with Tiffany I always wanted to take in all the incredible advice that I could! Some people just instantly invoke a feeling of calm and peace that you want to go out and emulate so that you can feel and do better, and Tiffany is certainly one of these people. After moving from Salt Lake, I have searched high and low, to no avail, to find someone with this same level of therapeutic healing as Tiffany.”

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Betsy W.

“I highly recommend Tiffany Anderson as a health coach. She helped me focus on specific, attainable goals to improve my health, and she supported me in such a warm, caring manner when I worked with her. She is passionate about helping people become healthier. She is encouraging without being judgmental. With her knowledge, approach, and professionalism, Tiffany is an outstanding coach.”

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Terri B.

“Follow Tiffany's care and you Will Be Well! And Happy! She hangs with the happiest on Earth: Disneyland Peeps! Thank you Tiffany for helping me renew my Heartwork!”


Tricia B.

"Tiffany is a highly intelligent, perceptive woman. She has a strong background in Health Education and Massage Therapy and has worked hard to integrate the two. Always, in her work, Tiffany was consistent, reliable, dedicated and passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with.  She has incredible creative energies and a refreshing idealism tempered only enough to accomplish what needs to be done."