Makeover Challenge - Day 2

Welcome back! Day 1 ended well for me, my shift ended a bit early getting me home by 9:00pm and into bed earlier than usual. Slept through the night (an amazing and rare experience!), woke at 5:50am. I typically weigh daily and noticed a .6 pound loss...nice start! Two additional aids that helped yesterday was applying an ice pack to my neck and shoulders after work, using Epsom gel on my low back and knees, and had 10 minutes in the massage chair during my shift.

Day 2 is another work day for me; my shift runs 8:30am - 3:00pm today. Began with 2 cups of coffee (caffeine is a nemesis I am working to rid myself of) adding stevia and non-dairy sweetener. No gym today...with the lovely weather upon us I plan to take a long walk after work.

Breakfast 7:00am: Hash-browns with hot sauce and dash of sea salt (one of my favorite and most filling breakfasts!). 8:21am - ACV tonic (see yesterday)

Lunch/Snacks to graze on throughout my work shift: Leftover mashed potatoes topped with mushroom gravy, an extra roasted Russet with mustard packet, and a cucumber sandwich made on Jack Spratt fat free bread topped with Amazin' Mayo - dill - cayenne - dash of sea salt. Added 4 dried apricots and some raw almonds I snagged at work.

Dinner 1 & 2: Clients kicked my butt today - 2 deep tissue and a 90-minute stone so no long walk for me, left work ready to relax! 4:00pm stopped at Harmon's for small salad bar (greens, sweet yellow pepper, watermelon radishes, beans, red onion, carrots, cucumber, topped with balsamic vinegar), wedge of artisan sour dough and bananas (saved one for tomorrow). 5:30pm 1/2 c homemade guacamole topped with fresh salsa and 5 baked tostadas.