Results & Next Steps

After a stress filled day and near injury dumping a motorcycle, one of my challenge goals evaded me. Over the past 10 days I maintained my weight of 145 lbs. rather than losing. However, I did lose 1/2" on my legs, 1" on my hips, and 1" on my waist. Weight loss continues to be a goal, plus managing stress and pain, and improving my sleep. Shifting away from post-menopausal hormone therapy last fall led to weight gain and a heavy, bloated feeling. That added weight is a burden to my artificial hips, overworks my heart and organs, and I am not happy with how I feel and look. Ten pounds is a big deal, and losing 10-pounds has profound effects.

My next step is a Potato Reset. Some may recall that last year I followed Spud Fit for 3 weeks and lost over 10 pounds. Both Spud Fit and Potato Reset are in harmony with the eating plan I follow, The Starch Solution...there is simply a strong focus on eating mainly potatoes with both. Check out the free 3-day jumpstart guide for meal ideas and how it works. Join along and feel free to contact me with questions and coaching options.


Be Well! ~ Tiffany