Makeover - Day 10 & Happy Mother's Day!

I apologize for the late post - the holiday was a full day for me. My gift to me was day one of a motorcycle riding class and then I spent late afternoon and evening visiting my son. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Woke early to be at the class by 7:45am and had my usual hash browns & hot sauce combo for breakfast. Missed having time for my workout! The endorphin rush helps so much to manage my pain and energizes me. The course did not fare as well as I had hoped...took a bit of a spill, experienced a great deal of numbness in my right hand, and was a nervous wreck! Stress levels went right through the roof.

Lunch/snack sack: 3 roasted Russets, cucumber (sliced), apple, multi-grain bagel with avocado, large roasted yam.

Tapas dinner with son 5:00pm: Baked corn tortillas with salsa and blueberries for dessert

Late night snack 9:00pm: Packet of instant grits with blueberries, stevia, and soy milk.

Slathered on a heavy layer of Epsom gel onto my arms and shoulders and slept.