Makeover - Day 8

Welcome! Returned home a bit later than planned from my San Diego retreat - after unpacking and cleaning up I finally wound down around 9:30pm last night. Decided to rest late and stayed in bed till 9:00am this morning, a rare treat! Was more than ready for my regular 90-minute routine at the gym - treadmill and weight lifting day. Ran a few errands and heard from a few clients who have experienced great results incorporating my tips and simple meal plans. I would love to hear from you!

Stress management - tuned into Brad Yates and an EFT video that supports weight loss. I liked what he has to say about putting too much value into what the scale has to say. Decided to take a break from daily weigh-ins for now and focus on how I feel. If you are new to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or 'tapping'), I encourage you to learn more and give it a try! There are EFT videos for any number of topics from stress, grief, anger, self-esteem, insomnia, and more!

Brunch 11:00am: My usual...hash browns with hot sauce and sea salt + bowl of quick oats topped with cherries, stevia, and soy milk.

Stress & pain management 1:00pm: Epsom salt soak - used the entire 3 pound bag of salts in a hot bath. Soaked for 15 minutes. Felt glorious! No time for a soak? Check this Feb. 23, 2017 blog post for spot treatment ideas. Even though my trip was glorious...flying, hotel beds, and pillows that aren't quite right tend to leave me more creaky and sore than usual. A mineral soak helps me to manage muscle and joint pain inexpensively and side effect free!

Snack/Dinner sack: Worked the afternoon/evening shift and took along cherry tomatoes, 2 small roasted potatoes, bowl of corn topped with cayenne and dill, baked corn tortillas and salsa. Took an apple but brought it home...will save it for tomorrow.

Evening snack 10:00pm: Oatmeal, dark cherries, stevia, and soy milk.

Be Well! ~ Tiffany