The Coconut Oil Fad

For nearly 4 years I have followed the dietary plan outlined in The Starch Solution and rid my diet of oil…and yes, that especially includes coconut oil. My results? Miraculous! I no longer have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Also, I am maintaining a lean weight of 131 pounds as a post-menopausal 53-year-old woman who has dual hip replacements, Hashimoto’s disease, and arthritis. I take very little medication, have an active lifestyle, and sleep well.

I admit being sucked into the draw of using coconut oil for cooking before I adopted a plant-based diet. Not once did I fully research the effects of coconut oil in my diet nor did I consider the fact that, like any other oil, coconut oil is overly processed and offers no nutritional benefits. Worst of all, this artery clogging substance is simply one more fat that led me to excess weight and poor health. Educate yourself! Do you trust corporate food manufacturers and believe they have your best interest at heart…or are they simply trying to sell you a product? Click the link below to read a fascinating article by Dr. Jeff Novick, MS, RD. He discusses the research surrounding coconut oil and how marketing turned it into a miracle cure.

Be Well & Make Informed Decisions in Regards to Your Health! ~Tiffany