Got Pain? Get Poked!

In 2011 I received my first hip replacement. Prior to surgery I had been receiving regular acupuncture to manage both the pain and stress leading up to my prognosis. Followers of my website and book may recall that I took a medical mystery tour in my mid 40’s for over a year. I was desperately trying to discover why I suddenly experienced jaundice, liver failure, then heart failure with no known cause. I was vibrant and fit one day and rapidly faced death within a handful of months. Thankfully my journey offered resolution and recovery. After my first surgery in 2011 I received weekly acupuncture. This was an effective way to help me recover and manage pain alongside minimal prescription medication use. Acupuncture served me well during my recovery throughout both hip replacements, one revision, and is a crucial aspect of my wellness regimen to this day. Are you curious about acupuncture? Learn more here and read on for a perk!

During the month of November my local acupuncture clinic, Wasatch Community Acupuncture, is offering $10 treatments to POCA members (I am a patient member! Join and learn more here.). The clinic is also hosting a fundraising event on Monday, November 19th called ‘Pokesgiving’ to benefit the Utah Food Bank. What Pokesgiving is, according to my patient monthly newsletter…”All day long we are going to offer walk-in treatments in exchange for a monetary donation that will go directly to the Utah Food Bank. You decide how much to donate.” This is a great way to care for yourself and others at the same time. The clinic plans to be busy and will also take appointments to accommodate as many people as possible that day

Wasatch Community Acupuncture is located at 470 E. 3900 S., Ste 103 in Salt Lake City, UT. For more details about the November offerings at Wasatch Community Acupuncture call 801-364-9272 or email them at Check it out! Live outside of Utah? Visit POCA and use their clinic search tool to find an affordable acupuncture clinic near you.

Be Well! ~Tiffany