Artificial Joints and Arthritis

Cooler weather and varying temperatures equate to an increase in my aches and pains.  For me, this is my "creaky" time and when my body requires extra care.  Today’s post is a repeat message from October 6, 2016. Two years ago I worked at Summit County Health Department as a Health Educator. My role required me to work at an outdoor event in snowy Park City on that date. This task led to an experience of “extra ouch” for me…even when I dress well and prepare for the elements, cold is not my friend. Artificial joints are incredibly sensitive to cold temperatures, making the term “chilled to the bone” a very accurate statement.

This week I am promoting my book in Boise, Idaho, and considering relocating to this delightful town. Temperatures are a bit milder this year here in Idaho and in my home town of Salt Lake City, Utah, though a chill is in the air! My soothe methods today include an early morning workout of 25-minutes on the treadmill to increase circulation as well as 30-minutes of strength training for endurance and stamina. Daily exercise provides me with an energy boost and an endorphin rush to better manage pain. A bag of Epsom salts sits near my hotel tub and will ease muscle tension later as I soak before bed and aim for restful slumber. My hotel room in Boise includes a kitchenette, this ensures I nourish well with wholesome meals to fuel my day. Packing my own food when I travel saves me time and money and is an investment in my good health. As I write this post I’m feasting on my post-workout breakfast: Steel cut oats with blueberries, lemon zest, and fresh spearmint, topped with a splash of oat milk and stevia. I’m also eating a sliced pear and toasted pumpernickel bagel (dry). This amount of food will tide me over for a few hours. FYI…I continue to manage a lean weight (132.6 as of today), take only thyroid medication for Hashimoto’s disease, and feel that I have a good quality of life.

Are your chronic health conditions affected by the seasons?  If so, how are you preparing for any weather related symptoms?  Remember that you are in charge of your health - medications and healthcare providers can assist us…though we as patients are in charge of day to day care. Would you like ideas, motivation, and encouragement to better manage pain, inflammation, or weight gain that may increase during cold weather? Contact me and schedule a FREE 30-minute health coaching consultation.  Let's talk.

Be Well,