Falling Asleep - Staying Asleep

Fall…the perfect season to focus on improving sleep. Darker days and cool temperatures naturally beckon us to a deep state of slumber. Sleep is essential for good health and crucial to those of us managing chronic conditions. For decades I struggled with sleep deprivation. Now I experience the best sleep of my life! Check out the Rest section of my 3 Key Concepts where I share resources and tips that help me to fall asleep and stay asleep. Consult your doctor to see if my resources may help you as well. I find that sleeping between 5-7 hours per night is best for me. Here are a few quick tips…

Cutting down on caffeine - ultimately I weaned myself away completely. Caffeine is a tough addiction though I feel better and sleep more soundly now that I avoid this powerful stimulant. Added bonus is that I no longer experience high blood pressure.

Scheduling relaxation time - sleep rituals and nightly routines guide me towards better sleep. This time can be as short as the time it takes to brush your teeth. I enjoy meditation with healing sounds, guided imagery CD’s, and music designed for deep sleep.

Eating a small plain baked potato or other fat-free starch (my favorite is a small bowl of steel cut oatmeal with blueberries and oat milk) an hour or so before bedtime is warming, eases anxiety or the blues, provides me with 100-200 nutrient rich calories, and helps me sleep more soundly.

Be Well and Sleep Well! ~ Tiffany