Heat Soothes

I've never been a fan of winter weather. Cold days, icy roads, a decrease in sunlight, and the Salt Lake polluted air we attribute to 'inversion' creates a gloomy and depressing season. My aches and pains are aggravated by the cold and this tends to slow me down. To counter these feelings I turn to heat for relief. Exercise is the easiest way to warm and loosen joints. Stretching, cardio activity, and walking are easy to do inside or out.

Soaking in the tub also loosens muscles and the steam from a hot shower helps to open airways. Create a spa experience in the shower by applying 7-15 drops of eucalyptus essential oil onto a small washcloth. Place the washcloth in the far corner of the shower. The warmth and steam from the shower will infuse eucalyptus into the air. A dry sauna is another way to soothe yourself with heat. The dry, hot air warms muscles and opens pores when you sweat. A short session in a sauna, say 10 or 15-minutes, is adequate time to benefit from the dry heat. Short bursts alternated with cool showers or relaxation at room temperature heightens the sauna experience. Visit me now at The Kura Door Japanese holistic spa, I have joined their professional team...book any massage and enjoy added amenities that include a eucalyptus steam room, meditation room, and dry sauna. 

Be Well! ~ Tiffany

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