Reducing Risks...

My website tips are risk reduction methods and preventative steps that also help you to avoid illness and injury. That's the goal, right? To stay as well as we possibly can and feel as best as we are able. Review my 3 Key Concepts to Soothe - Nourish - Rest. These suggestions aren't necessarily groundbreaking, though each are often ignored in day-to-day living. By making these concepts a priority, and part of your daily routine, you ensure improved health.

For those of us diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions, the task of managing our health can seem daunting...the extra 'job' we don't want to do. This is understandable. Though by ignoring health practices we can become immobile, overly dependent on medication, and place an undue burden on ourselves, our healthcare providers, and our families. Your health, your body, and your well-being are your responsibility! Small changes can bring big results. Read over past blog posts, and implement one or two health practices. If you need support and guidance, contact me!

Be Well! ~Tiffany