Support for Your Journey to Heal...

Happy Monday to you! Spend 6 short minutes with Brad Yates and invest in your health. Follow along with Brad…repeat his words, and tap where he taps. While I watched and participated with the video this morning I experienced a sigh of relief, relaxation, and inspiration. Check it out and share your experience with me!


Be Well! ~Tiffany

A Starch Based Medical Practice...

Dr. John McDougall has been a pioneer in the field of medicine since 1978. His starch-based nutrition approach in patient care has positively changed the lives of his patients, he and his family’s life, and my life. (Yes, he practices what he preaches and has eaten a whole food plant-based oil free diet for decades.) Dr. McDougall’s message to his colleagues about how to set up a successful general practice based on a starch-based diet is fascinating. Considering the medication facts listed (courtesy of Dr. McDougall), a different approach to healthcare is just what the American public could use. Read Dr. John McDougall’s model to develop a successful starch-based medical practice here.

Be Well! ~Tiffany