Meditations With Mickey

I share a sneak peek into my dreams. Disneyland is not just a destination for me, it is a passion, a hobby, and a lifestyle. As a health coach I assist you in defining your personal and professional goals. It is a coach's job to help you stretch yourself toward your dreams, to think bigger, go farther, to be committed, to grow and achieve more than you've dared to imagine. My Disney dreams help me to achieve more, live more fully, and fills me with joy...what inspires you?


My first trip to Disneyland was in 1971,  I was 6 years old. The black and white photograph of myself from this trip shows a smitten youngster beaming in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. I wore a summery dress and black patent leather shoes. My fascination with Mickey and all things Disney began that day. Wonder and awe surrounding this magical place began my lifelong 'Meditations with Mickey' - whenever I felt blue, lonely, or under the weather I would daydream about the mouse and his house.


Visits to Disneyland remained on my mind and dear to my heart during my youth. Trips didn't happen too often so my brother and I would play make believe, using paper leaf cut outs to build a mock Jungle Cruise and Lincoln Logs as Fort Wilderness. Storybook albums relaying the tale of Peter Pan or Snow White entertained us on Saturday mornings. As a teen I tagged along with friends dancing in Tomorrowland Terrace and ventured around the park grown-up free. I spent a honeymoon in Disneyland and later took our son on his first visit at 18 months - he slept through Smallworld and Pirate's of the Caribbean...his favorite Disney moment at that wee age?  Petting the goats behind Big Thunder Trail. 


Throughout my twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties, my Disneyland visits increased and evolved as an exploration of myself through a divorce, raising my son, traveling much more with extended family, and learning to enjoy the park as a sometimes solo traveler. When I unwind or need to de-stress, my mind takes me strolling along Main Street, USA, or I climb aboard the Mark Twain to drift around the banks of Rivers of America. My Meditation with Mickey is a lifestyle that provides me with peace and brings me joy - demonstrating the power of the mind and heart. Contentment and relaxation are valuable commodities, and when a destination provides those feelings how could I possibly resist return visits? Whether this happy place is near or far, real or imagined, Disneyland is my pixie dust and magic.