Soothe & Rest Resources

Resources for pain management, relaxation methods, and tools than can minimize stress.


Guided Imagery

In the late 1990’s I read the book, Staying Well with Guided Imagery, by Belleruth Naparstek. Belleruth is a psychotherapist, author, founder of Health Journeys, and guided imagery pioneer. Following her work, I incorporated her work into both my professional and personal life. The results my clients experienced were outstanding…less pain, more sleep, anxiety diminished, and mood improved. My health also improved as I incorporated guided imagery into my wellness routine.

Later in life, when I became ill and faced hip replacement, I used the CD shown below to help me prepare for surgery. The powerful and reassuring messages alongside beautiful music boosted my confidence, soothed anger and grief, lowered my stress, and helped me to manage pain.  

The work of Belleruth Naparstek has been with me for quite awhile. Turning back the clock, in 2001 I had the privilege of meeting Belleruth in Palm Springs, CA, while attending her 'Intuition, Imagery & Healing' seminar. Belleruth graciously autographed the book I’d purchased a decade prior. I use guided imagery on a regular basis and consider this technique as one of my favorite wellness tools.

Manage Uncomfortable Emotions

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

The videos of Brad Yates found their way into my life via YouTube. EFT is a self-directed ‘tapping’ method designed to gain relief from negative emotions, stress, and trauma. Positive results are well documented. Brad’s website is based on the trademarked work of Gary Craig and includes research, information, and themed demonstrations of EFT.  

Two of Brad’s titles, Tap o’ the Morning and Tapping into Your True Magnificent Self’, are my favorites.  I subscribe to his video channel on YouTube and am always pleasantly surprised at the topic that shows up in my inbox...the subject is typically one that benefits me right at that moment! There are a wide range of topics available, and the tapping exercises are very brief – a few to several minutes.  You have some extra time, check it out! Tapping with Brad starts, or ends, my day on a positive note.

Meditation and Music Therapy

Falling asleep and staying asleep has always been a special challenge for my clients, myself, and family members. I also experience nightmares and have experienced those anxious moments where my mind prevents me from relaxation and feeling calm. A CD* that has helped me during those troubled nights is a clinically proven audio technique by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. You can find this title and others by Dr. Thompson online.   

*Delta Sleep System | "Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep, Wake Up Rejuvenated"

Delta Sleep System
The Relaxation Company

Johnathan Goldman, President of Spirit Music and Director of the Sound Healers Association was first introduced to me in 2008 while studying the healing art of Reiki. Music is multi-faceted - entertaining, relaxing, and healing. If you’ve ever been swept away by a favorite tune, taken back in time listening to a song you loved years ago, then you understand the power of music.  Johnathan's amazing work can be accessed at the links below, the Temple of Sacred Sound is a mesmerizing online space to chant and meditate.

Spirit Music

Dr. Masaru Emoto is known for his research and captivating water-crystal photographs. This book pairs crystal images with classical music for a unique listening and visual experience.

Feeling isolated or alone?

When you are chronically ill you are your own caregiver. You are ultimately in charge of your well-being, even if you are facing limited mobility. Perhaps you are also caring for other family members too. Are you and your caregivers finding the support you both need? Visit organizations such as The National Center on Caregiving and learn more about patient advocacy and support groups.

Solitude doesn't mean loneliness.

Introverts and quiet souls unite – visit The Quiet Revolution. This website is a haven of like-minded people making their way through the world in stealth mode. Even extroverts will find a story or insight on this website useful to help them better understand those of us who prefer life a bit more solo.   

Reading   is a gateway to opportunity...

Reading is a gateway to opportunity...

From My Bookshelf: Reading to Soothe and Rest

  • Heal Your Body A-Z, by Louise L. Hay
  • Healing Moves, by Carol Krucoff & Mitchell Krucoff, M.D.
  • Mind Walks – 100 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress,
    Stay Motivated, and Nourish Your Soul
    , by Mary H. Frakes
  • Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
  • The Simple Living Guide, by Janet Luhrs
  • The Art of Getting Well, David Spero, R.N.
  • Healing Power Beyond Medicine, by Dr. Carol Wilson
  • Pocketful of Miracles, by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
Healing Power Beyond Medicine
By Carol A. Wilson

Nourish Resources

From My Bookshelf: Reading for Dietary Well-Being

  • The Starch Solution, by Dr. John McDougall
  • The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell

Dr. McDougall’s expertise and simple meal plan guidelines were a game changer for me. After watching my weight creep up, decade after decade, I researched The McDougall program and was astounded at my results! After 10-days I felt better, lost and kept off weight, and have been an avid follower since the fall of 2015. Review his website for details and consider implementing the free 10-day plan. There are hundreds of delicious recipes, and informational videos. Visit the website and sign up for the FREE McDougall newsletter here.

Visit my Nourish page and you'll learn how I evolved to my current way of eating. After decades of failed 'diets' and striving to improve my health, I have found a dietary lifestyle that works for me. I am a lean 52-year-old woman who is successfully managing chronic conditions. I take minimal medication, see my physician regularly, and feel great!

Improving health begins in the kitchen.

From My Bookshelf: Reading for Dietary Well-Being

  • 12 Essential Minerals for Cellular Health: An Introduction to Cell Salts, by David R. Card - Dave's Health is a wellness institution in Salt Lake City. I met Dave nearly two decades ago during a consultation and have experienced positive results from his expertise, recommendations, classes, and education. Cell salts were part of my pre- and post-surgical plan under the guidance of my physician. Click the link below to learn more about cell salts in this amazing book.
  • Constant Craving A-Z, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. - Are you an emotional eater? This guide sheds light on why you crave certain foods and how to heal those emotions rather than feed them.
  • The Healthiest Diet on the Planet, by Dr. John McDougall
  • Potatoes Not Prozac, by Kathleen DesMaisons - The author who first taught me about the power of the spud! Scroll down to view the guide and learn more.
  • Forks Over Knives the Cookbook, by Del Sroufe & Isa Chandra Moskowitz
  • A Review of Medical Literature on Relationships of Various Degenerative Diseases to Diet and Activity, by Nathan Pritkin
  • Spud Fit, by Andrew Taylor - I discovered Andrew on YouTube and Facebook and took his Spud Fit challenge May 2017 and felt amazing feasting on spuds for 21 days. Andrew did it for a year! His story is amazing!
Got sugar cravings? Read this book! Seven steps and you'll feel better!

Got sugar cravings? Read this book! Seven steps and you'll feel better!