Chef and Confessed 'Cheese Addict' REVERSES His Diabetes!

Success story after success story share the health benefits of following a plant based diet. Prior to watching Forks Over Knives and reading The Starch Solution, I experienced my own health crisis…heart failure, liver failure, arthritis, and then found myself requiring dual hip replacement. I confess that I have followed a variety of fad diets such as high protein, juicing, fasting, and elimination diets. NONE OF THEM WORKED FOR ME. The Starch Solution has changed my life and I feel great. Food has the power to cure or harm…what dietary choices are you making that are negatively impacting your health? Read more about this gentleman who turned his life around in 5 months and read additional Forks Over Knives success stories here.

Be Well! ~Tiffany

David Rivest Reverses Diabetes (pictured below)