Active Aging...My Steps to Success

Heads up…this post is over 4 paragraphs long! Settle in and share 7 minutes or so with me and read on. I promise it will be a good use of your time! My photos from summer travel speak volumes…I am a medical miracle and I am grateful to have the quality of life I have today. Today’s blog falls in line with Active Aging Week, which I find a bit amusing since I look at the literal sense of those words. After all, if I am NOT aging, then I AM NOT breathing.

I understand the marketing side of things and know that buzz words (like Active Aging), blurbs, or sound bites catch the pubic eye and are designed to grab our attention. Though most marketing is simply a gimmick to sell you something that you may or may not need or want. Health information and health education is tricky to market. My health and wellness blog is only valuable when it is meaningful to you AND you are willing to apply that information to your life. I’ve spoken to an alarming amount of people lately who tell me they do not care about their health. I find this attitude deeply disturbing and know I cannot help them. I care deeply about my health and how it shapes my future. Does your health matter to you? If so, you’re in the right place.

You are in charge of your behavior and making healthy lifestyle changes. Coaches, educators, and medical professionals have valuable skills and knowledge that can assist and empower you to age well and improve your life. And I for one, take that job very seriously. Those of us in the health field can suggest any number of resources, tips, or tools to help you better manage your chronic conditions and feel your best…but at the end of the day, YOUR ACTIONS AND CHOICES make a profound difference in how well you age, how you feel, and how you look. For example, on paper you might read my medical history and consider me a complete train wreck. I have a number of health concerns to manage. The majority of adults over 30 in this country are in the same boat. Health concerns show up or we are born with them…though the majority of chronic conditions are manageable, some are even preventable! I apply my 3 Key Concepts consistently. Here are just a few of the benefits I experience:

  • I avoid pain medication. This saves me money and from the side effects of opioids and over the counter products. Ibuprofen is even a last resort for me since it bothers my stomach.

  • I fall and stay asleep on my own, without the use of medication nearly every night. Sleepless or restless nights sometimes happen, I do my best to prevent them.

  • I maintain a healthy blood pressure and low cholesterol reading. This also saves me money since I no longer need medication, and again, avoid those prescription side effects. My heart doesn’t race, I do not feel agitated, I feel calm and relaxed nearly all the time. I do my best to manage stress before it harms my mind and my heart.

  • I am slowing the progression of arthritis and bone loss due to maintaining a lean weight and exercising regularly. I eat a whole food plant based diet and know that my food provides me with delicious, quality nutrients. I also add vitamin D (typically through sunshine) and B-12 (a nutrient made by bacteria) for protection.

  • I manage my thyroid condition by taking medication as prescribed, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and seeing my doctor regularly.

  • My skin is clear and free of blemishes. As a 53-year-old woman I am complimented on my youthful appearance. This is diet related. I am not adding harmful toxins to my body any longer which allows my largest organ, my skin, to look its best! I ate poorly for many years and it showed up in my face, my body, and on my skin. I changed my behaviors and you can too…it is never too late to improve your health.

Thank you for reading this far…we have now actively aged together! Take good care of yourself. If you are seeking individualized support check out my coaching services or appointment availability for therapeutic bodywork.

Be Well! ~Tiffany

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