"What's for lunch?"

I am often asked about the foods I eat, especially from Wellness Coaching clients and those who have read my book. After all, 'Nourish' is one of my 3 Key Concepts and, as far as I'm concerned, following The McDougall Program (discussed on my website and in my book) is the number one reason why I have an amazing quality of life, maintain a lean physique, sleep soundly, and take very little prescription medication. Desserts are rare, I typically eat fruit when I want something sweet. Today's treat is a rare splurge.

Here is what I ate for lunch today, plus details on how I put it together. This recipe makes 2-3 servings for me and is a good way to clean out vegetable leftovers. I do not count calories. I simply eat whole foods that are plant-based, mainly starch, and avoid all oil. I eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full (but not stuffed), and feel amazing.

Layered Bean Dip, Baked Corn Tortilla Chips & Raspberry Sorbet with Dark Chocolate Chips

I used a flat quiche pan for this recipe. The dip base is one can of black beans rinsed/drained and mashed with a dash of garlic powder, plus the zest and juice from one lime. On top of the bean mixture is about 1/2 cup of green salsa. The next layer is 1/2 cup of my vegan 'cheez' sauce (I use this for potatoes, pasta, pizza, and more), this 'cheez' sauce is made by blending one onion cleaned/quartered/blanched, one large raw red pepper cut into chunks, few dashes of liquid smoke, dash of sea salt, and 1 c. of nutritional yeast (this will make over a pint jar that keeps well in the fridge for over a week), it only takes a few minutes to put this together in my standard blender. The final toppings for the dip are a few slices of raw red bell pepper, chopped, minced raw onion, dash of dried cilantro (didn't have any fresh), and 1/3 cup frozen corn/black bean medley (thawed). I covered this and chilled it in the fridge for about 2 hours though you could eat it right away. This layered dip keeps well in the fridge for a few days. I ate half of the dip recipe with chips. To make my chips I took 5 small corn tortillas that I cut into wedges and baked for 16 minutes at 350 degrees, flipping halfway to brown each side. Chips are easily made ahead of time, I batch cook often, especially to prepare for travel. Dessert splurge consisted of 3 large spoonfuls of Talenti raspberry sorbet topped with 1/2 T. of Enjoy Life vegan dark chocolate chips. Yum! I am full, satisfied, and ready to head to work.

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Be Well! ~Tiffany