Makeover - Day 5

Welcome to the halfway point of my 10-day Challenge! I slept much better last night and closed my evening with another small bowl of oatmeal, strawberries, lemon zest, stevia, and soy milk. Such a tasty combo! Woke at 6:00am feeling rested and ready for my 'weekend' and day one of vacation! I fly to sunny, lovely San Diego this afternoon for a two-day resort retreat. I have finished prepping the bulk of my food for the stay (pictured prior to packing in my carry-on) and learned that two restaurants at my hotel offer raw vegan salads, I may dive into those!

My weight is holding at 145 - demonstrating how I maintain a steady weight with my fitness routine and meal plan. You may have noticed I eat well, I eat often, and focus on starches like potatoes, grains, beans, corn, rice, and breads.

Weight day! 6:30am: my 90-minute routine of cardio on treadmill, free weights, abs, and stretching. Began with a cup of black/green tea with stevia and soy milk and a cup of coffee with stevia.

Breakfast 9:00am: plate of hash browns with hot sauce and sea salt + 1/2 c quick oats cooked and topped with strawberries, lemon zest, stevia, and soy milk. Notice a pattern? I have favorite breakfast items that are simple for me to prepare, filling, nutritious, and tasty!

Heading to the airport soon for my San Diego 2-night retreat, Made another quick plate of hash browns, once cucumber sliced, and diced peaches for lunch at 1:00pm. Snack on the plane was a multi-grain bagel and apple.

Posting this on day 6 since the Paradise Point resort an amazing place! Flight problems leaving Salt Lake got me out of town a bit late since a mechanical error delayed things and required a change of planes. Ugh! Had a late dinner in my room: baby carrots, baked chips, brown rice with corn/black bean medley, and a roasted yam. Snacked on rice cakes while I wandered. Will post pictures later!