A Gift of Reassurance - Estate Planning

Prior to my first hip replacement, my surgeon took the time to discuss worst case scenarios with me…such as the possibility that I might have bone cancer, I could experience rejection due to metal allergies, will always be at a high risk for dislocation, and how dangerous an infection could be. Facing these topics was challenging and helped me understand the severity of my condition. I also entered surgery knowing that my doctors and family had a copy of my Living Will. Having candid discussions about your state of health and end of life care with your loved ones is a gift everyone will appreciate.

My son and I have had conversations about my chronic conditions and end of life wishes for many years now. Death and dying is an inevitable time. As a caretaker and mature woman I have mourned the loss of many loved ones over the years, and know my time will come. Estate planning is my responsibility that ultimately helps my son and provides me with peace of mind. These discussions aren’t easy, and sadly, many people avoid talking about end of life concerns. You can find templates to help you write your wishes and guide you through those challenging conversations surrounding end of life care. Stanford University’s Letter Project offers a template for those in good health and one specific for those of us with chronic conditions.

Be Well. ~Tiffany