Gift Yourself - A "Final Act of Generosity"

In my December 6th, 2018 wellness blog I discussed estate planning and end of life care. Some may find this topic a bit inappropriate during the holiday season, though I disagree. What better time to have candid discussions with those closest to you? Families and friends, some though not all, tend to spend more time together this time of year. Plus, depending on your spiritual and/or religious beliefs…this is a time that the acts of birth, death, and renewal are on the minds and hearts of many.

The last task I completed on my estate planning to-do list this year was to finalize what will happen after I have passed away. I decided to donate my body to science, specifically, to the University of Utah medical school anatomy lab. I am an alumni of the University of Utah, have very strong feelings towards the importance of research, and received some of my own training in a cadaver lab. Coincidentally, the December 2018 edition of the University magazine Continuum included a 6-page article discussing the importance and purpose of the body donor program. The article speaks of this type of donation as a “final act of generosity”, and I wholeheartedly agree. My family and I know that I am providing future health practitioners a vehicle to learn from. In exchange I receive free embalming, cremation, and made the choice that my ashes are returned to my son after the work my body provides is complete. This option is a decision that may or may not be a fit for you. If you are interested and wish to learn more, follow this link:

Be Well! ~Tiffany