Night Owl or Early Bird?

You may be familiar with the circadian rhythm, the internal "body clock" which regulates biological processes and the sleep/wake cycle. This rhythm can change with age and is easily disrupted by schedule changes, the amount of light we are exposed to, medication, caffeine, stress, and travel. Receiving adequate sleep profoundly affects energy levels, immune function, our moods, and overall health. Rest is one of my 3 Key Concepts to Live Well and Be Well since without restful sleep...I feel awful, don't you? Whether you are the night owl or early bird, you need sleep! Here are some tips that can help:

Reset your body clock - experiencing jet lag? Feeling the afternoon slump? Instead of a treat for energy, step outside and snack on 5-10 minutes of sunshine to boost energy.

Dim the lights - keep your bedroom dark, and reduce screen time. Light disrupts the signals from your body to wind down and fall to sleep. On the flip side, help yourself wake up byturning on bright lights.

Find a routine - rituals before bedtime can help you wind down and feel sleepy. Habits such as brushing your teeth, taking a warm bath or shower, reading, listening to music, or eating a small complex carbohydrate snack (like a plain baked potato) are soothing and can help you rest.

Be Well! ~ Tiffany