Well Hello Twinkle Toes!

Soothe - By Elevating

Babies raise their feet in the air, and raise them often! As adults we tend to neglect our feet and forget how important it is to elevate. This simple act feels good plus it decreases pain and swelling. Elevating reduces the pressure on our ankles (the strongest joint in our body), our knees (the weakest joint in our body), and supports circulation. At the end of the day either elevate using cushions under your calves and feet while lying down, or by supporting your legs straight up against a wall. Rotate your ankles, articulate your toes, then point and flex your feet while you elevate. Moving your feet this way helps to ease tension and stiffness.

Your feet are the forms of transportation that work hard all day to keep you upright and motor you about. Raise them in the air at the end of your day to reward them for a job well done!

Be Well! ~ Tiffany