I believe that everyone and everything we encounter arrives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  I am certain that everyone, to the best of their ability, can manage chronic conditions with dignity and grace. Anderson Therapeutics, and the book, 'Butternut to Bionic: A Resource Guide for Hip Replacement Surgery' exist to inspire and empower others to improve their quality of life. My website and resource guide offers patient advocacy, empowerment, and encourages personal accountability. Education and professional experience has enabled me to survive life-threatening illness and return to an active lifestyle. As an author, educator, health coach, alternative healthcare provider, caregiver, and patient, I practice what I preach and share my 3 key concepts to Live Well & Be Well.

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Tiffany Anderson, AUTHOR

 Butternut to Bionic: A Resource Guide for Hip Replacement Surgery

Photo taken June 2017 at Booked on 25th, Author Event in Ogden, UT

Photo taken June 2017 at Booked on 25th, Author Event in Ogden, UT

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive,
and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.”
—Maya Angelou

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My personal health journey is called Butternut to Bionic, it is a tale about recovery from illness, life with artificial hips, and managing chronic conditions. While I was ill, I researched, catalogued, and implemented tools that not only helped me to survive, but thrive! What began as a tale of survival and pain, transformed in my mind as I began to craft a resource guide and the launch of this website.

Six years in the making, I have written a workbook and guide that is based on research, proven health techniques, and sound advice. I share my experience, lessons I learned, and describe tools that helped me heal and return to an active lifestyle. The purpose of this book is to assist others who are joining me on the bionic path.

You can learn more about my book and how to access it on my About page. My target audience are hip replacement recipients, though family members, caregivers, and healthcare providers will find my book intriguing, insightful, and useful.

Now that I kindly have your attention, I would be honored to earn your respect. Whatever your reason for being here, I share my professional background with you. Browse the contents of my resume and website.  My resources, insights, and 3 key concepts to improved health might just be the keys you've been looking for to live well and be well.