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Improve Sleep

Sleep restores us, sleep has the power to rejuvenate us, and sleep relaxes us.  

Sleep can be a long lost friend for those of us with chronic conditions. Long periods of restful sleep may sound like a fanciful dream or the luxury vacation you may never experience – or perhaps you’ve never experienced restful sleep. I understand – getting enough sleep has been a challenge for me since childhood.  There are a variety of techniques and tips that can help…without a prescription! 

Resting is another way to relax and rejuvenate. Yes, we do rest while we sleep. Though we can rest without sleeping. Rest while you meditate, rest as you enjoy a porch swing on a summer evening, or rest for a few moments wherever you are with eyes closed.  

Are you getting the rest you need?  Tune into my wellness blog on Thirsty Thursdays.  Weekly I share resources guiding you to better sleep, healthy living, and restful moments. Guided Imagery, music therapy, nutrition, meditation, and EFT tapping videos are some of the useful tools that beckon sleep.  Coaching services explore this key concept on a more personal level.

Daily, moderate exercise helps you rest...over-exerting yourself has the opposite effect.

For those of us who are managing chronic conditions, exercise can be challenging for us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Though exercise in some form is essential to better manage your condition(s) and get a good nights sleep. The fitness routine I followed in my 20's, 30's, and 40's is much different than the routine I follow at 52 living with dual hip replacements. Modifying activities to your own abilities is important. My daily routine is simple. I walk often - outdoors and on an elliptical or treadmill, I stretch, and incorporate strength and balance exercises. On busy days I may only have time for a 20-30 minute routine. Consistency is the key and I sleep well!

Regular exercise manages depression, can minimize the need for sleep medication, strengthens the lungs (important for sleep apnea sufferers), and promotes bone health which reduces those pesky leg cramps. Below are some gentle forms of exercise that are suitable for every fitness level. Speak to your physician and/or physical therapist if you question your ability to exercise. Your healthcare provider can help you decide which forms of exercise are best for you.

Consistency is what your body is looking for. Find an activity that you will incorporate regularly for best results.

If you choose to exercise on your own at home rather than attending a gym or following a structured class with professional instruction, understand how to modify exercises for your body type and abilities to avoid injury. The suggestions I offer below are ones that I either use regularly or incorporated while I recovered from surgery. Know your risks and seek professional guidance as needed. Freebies are listed first, find others on Amazon or your favorite retailer.

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